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If you missed my first post – I’m on a mission to review as many online stores as I can in the quest to find the best value geeky tees around. The reviews are based on:

  1. Cost;
  2. Quality; and
  3. Design.

My first post focused on the clever slogans and old-school logos found at  Click the link below if you missed it.

My second review is going to move away from funny prints and old-school logos and instead look at the artistic stylings available at  Read on after the break if I’ve pipped your interest.

IMG_1252 is a community based operation.  T-shirt designs are submitted online and then voted for by the online community.  The top voted tees are reviewed by the staff, who chose 10 to release that week.  The cycle of submit, vote and release is then rinsed and repeated week after week.

Don’t worry if you think that you’ll miss out on any sweet arse prints as the more popular designs are often released periodically as reprints.  You can also vote on which designs you want to see come back for purchase if your desperate for a print you’ve seen and can’t buy at that point in time.

I grabbed four shirts from this place so let’s see how I rate them.

Cost  stars_2andhalf

These tees are pricy! At $25USD a shirt I ended up paying $160AUD all up.  That’s about $40 a shirt with shipping (which was pretty good).    Some of this cost is due to the Australian dollar taking a swan dive – but this is still one of the more expensive stores out there…….lets hope the quality and exclusiveness of the prints make it worth it.

Quality –  stars_4

Because of the cost involved I only went and bought four of these tees.  All four are well made and have stood up well to a number of wears and washes.  They have kept their shape brilliantly and the colours have not faded at all.  The prints have been applied solidly and, even though the prints have a lot of delicate detail and sharp lines, they haven’t lost any of their definition.  I’ve put a close up of the Link print just so you can see how the detail has held.


I would say that the v-neck looks classier than the normal round-neck shirts – but I think thats probably only because I prefer this style.  The only complaint I have is that the white shirt I purchased is a wee bit see through, so I have to wear a singlet underneath as I’m afraid of showing off a little bit too much nip.

Designs – stars_4andhalf

The designs on are amazing and I love them.  I could have spent a small fortune on this site.  The print subjects range from super heroes to games to movies to just plain funky.  These prints have heaps of colour and detail and the artists use both to great effect.  You won’t find many witty slogans in this store but you will find some clever concepts hidden in the detail – the superman print below is evidence of that.


There isn’t as large a range of prints as some of the other sites I’ve been too – but due to the vetting process you don’t have to shift through the crap to find the gold.  In saying that, it still took me more than an hour to get through all the Prints.  Add to that the option to get these prints on hoodies, different types of shirts and phone cases the possibilities extend a fair way.

The creative manner that this site is run (lets be honest its basically crowdsourcing at its best) means that the prints available are one of a kind.  This puts in an exclusive club when it comes to geeky tees and is worthy of a look if just for that.

Overall Rating – stars_3andhalf

The Other Stuff

Some of the other things you need to know when ordering tees from

  1. Keep on going back periodically – with the weekly changing prints and reprints being changed constantly the catalogue is forever changing.
  2. The sizes are big (like every other American store it seems) – order a size smaller than you normally would.
  3. International deliver takes a while.  I was waiting up to three weeks for my tees to arrive – this seems standard from America this days though.
  4. Choose the v-neck – they look sweet.

Last Word

If you want to be a chic geek – then this store is for you.  The prints are classy, beautiful and exclusive.  They might be expensive – but I think they are worth it.  I have had more complements wearing these tees than any of the others I own.  Go the v-neck – you know you want too.


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