The NAS-ty Raspberry Pi

So I have just moved into a nice new house and it has inspired me to clean up my tech mess.  Currently I have two old PCs which I have stripped down and re-purposed as a torrentbox (including Network Attached Storage (NAS)) and a Media PC.  They look terrible, use up a heap of space and use way too much power.

While moving house I found a couple of Raspberry Pi 2’s I forgot I had bought.  I was going to use them on my electric car project.  As they aren’t needed anymore (thanks to some smart work with a couple of PIC chips) I’m going to use these as a low powered NAS/torrentbox and the other as a Media PC replacement.

To make it easier (mostly for me writing this post) I’ll break up this instructable into four parts:

  1. Building a Raspberry Pi NAS box (this post);
  2. Building a Raspberry Pi torrent box;
  3. Automating your torrent downloads; and
  4. Building a Raspberry Pi Media Centre.

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