What about Me


Welcome! My name is Ray and I am a 33 year old Engineer currently living in Australia.  Typically I wouldn’t brand myself as a Geek (even though my wife would disagrees with this), but lately I have been embracing my inner Geek in my free time pursuits.

In my recent travels around the Internet, investigating whatever my current interest is, I have noticed that there is a lot of good information to be found.  The one problem that I keep on encountering is that the information is usually fragmented or missing critical information.  I understand that most Bloggers or Technical Writers expect their readers to have a fundamental understanding of the concepts or process they are explaining but sometimes I think they are expecting too much from their readers – in most cases this means me!  Usually I end up on a google search merry-go-round because let’s be honest – I need an idiot proof explanation on how to do anything before I get it right!  This has motivated me to start documenting my experiences in my endeavors to discover my inner Geek.

MyGeekInterior is the first Blog that I have created since high school so please be kind as I work myself up to speed with the current Blogging expertise and try to work out how I want this site to run.  I’m not sure how this blog will look in in the future but my initial intention is to provide my opinion and experiences as I purse my current interests and projects which include:

  • Converting a combustion car to electric;
  • Building a cocktail table arcade machine;
  • Raspberry Pi projects;
  • Home tech projects;
  • Buying various tech products;
  • Finding and reviewing software and potentially apps;
  • Buying geek paraphernalia

I want to be able to provide as much helpful information as possible which will include product and software reviews, project walk throughs and instruct-ables, and just where to find good information.  I’m also intending on providing a running commentary on my current projects.

Anyway I hope you stick around and have a read through some of my ramblings.  I encourage you to join in discussions and ask questions if you are interested in anything I have written about.  If you you have any ideas on how to make this site better or just want to drop me a line feel free on any of the contact avenues available on this site.