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Four years ago I bought my wife an entry level DSLR camera.  She wanted to use it to take photos of our kids, events, holidays and the like.  After a year or so of using the automatic settings she decided she wanted to know more about photography and how to use the camera.  So for he birthday I bought her a voucher for a one on one lesson with a renown landscape photographer.  As it so happened he was also happy for me to tag along for the session and learn what I could.

I have always liked being in nature and enjoy its beauty and grace.  I particularly enjoy the natural contrasts between colours, shapes and shades that different landscapes exhibit.  Learning how to emphasize these in photographs during our three hour session really stimulated my creativity side……….well the little that I have anyway…….and I wanted to explore this world a little bit more.

For a week or so after the lesson I did go out of my way to keep up with the landscape photography, but after a while my motivation slowly dissolved.  While I did stop activity going out of my way to take photos with my wife’s nice DSLR, I did keep on taking photos when moments presented themselves using my phone.  Obviously this was a function of convenience (insert laziness) more than anything else.

I found that most of the moments I really wanted to capture were in the middle of a bike ride or just before going for an early morning dive.  Who wants to lug a big DSLR around on a bike or with their dive kit just on the off chance you find an amazing moment that you want to capture in a photo.  Your phone however, you always have with you.

Some of the shots come up really well (such as the one below I took just before a morning dive)


But some just didn’t make the grade due to the Iphones camera’s limitations. I love the photo I took below, but its these moments were using a DSLR would really make this still pop.


Recently I’ve been thinking surely there is a way to increase the ability my iPhone’s camera to make the quality of my photos more consistent.  A quick google and I found there are a number of tools and hardware add-ons to help me on my way!  I found the following site particularly helpful:

A bit of research, a few purchases and much trial and error later and I came up with an Iphone camera tool kit that was both portable and effective.  Its basic build includes:

  1. An Inmacus wide angle angle lens kit for iPhone 6 – see my review on it here;
  2. A Joby GorillaPod tripod – see my review on it here;
  3. A standard pair of iPhone earbuds; and
  4. A number of handy iPhone apps – You can read about the ones I found the best and how to use them here

Using this tool kit has increased the quality of my iPhones photos to the point that people can’t tell the difference between my DSLR camera shots and my iPhone shots (I’ve put an example of one below).

Whiteman Park

I’m not sure if this is saying more about my camera work or the quality of the shots though.  I’ll let you comment on that yourself!

If you want to know how I put all the bits in my kit together to work as one harmonious organism your going to have to wait read on to my next post in the series: looking-for-a-new-lens-for-my-iphone


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