Smart Notebooks – Moleskine Versus Whilelines

Paper is back baby! – but with a twist. With the emergence of the computer and most recently the tablet people are moving away from the trusty old notebook in droves. I must admit I am one of these people that just can’t move on.

For us purists it seems that some companies are listening and are trying to combine the best of the Analogue (pencil and paper) and the Digital (documents and text). The two leading products at the moment are the Moleskine Evernote and WhiteLines Link notebooks.


I am interested to see how the rocketbook is going to stack up as well but since it is yet to be released I only have the two above to work with.

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What About Me

Welcome! My name is Ray and I am a 33 year old Engineer currently living in Australia.  Typically I wouldn’t brand myself as a Geek (even though my wife would disagrees with this), but lately I have been embracing my inner Geek in my free time pursuits.

In my recent travels around the Internet, investigating whatever my current interest is, I have noticed that there is a lot of good information to be found.  The one problem that I keep on encountering is that the information is usually fragmented or missing critical information.  I understand that most Bloggers or Technical Writers expect their readers to have a fundamental understanding of the concepts or process they are explaining but sometimes I think they are expecting too much from their readers – in most cases this means me!  Usually I end up on a google search merry-go-round because let’s be honest – I need an idiot proof explanation on how to do anything before I get it right!  This has motivated me to start documenting my experiences in my endeavors to discover my inner Geek.

MyGeekInterior is the first Blog that I have created since high school so please be kind as I work myself up to speed with the current Blogging expertise and try to work out how I want this site to run.  I’m not sure how this blog will look in in the future but my initial intention is to provide my opinion and experiences as I purse my current interests and projects which include:

  • Converting a combustion car to electric;
  • Building a cocktail table arcade machine;
  • Raspberry Pi projects;
  • Home tech projects;
  • Buying various tech products;
  • Finding and reviewing software and potentially apps;
  • Buying geek paraphernalia

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