Adventure Time…….Every Second Friday

It has been my MO for a fair while now to listen to podcasts on the way to, from (and sometimes during – shhh don’t tell the boss) work. I’ve been through a few different podcast series now – some good, some bad and some freaking awful.  To stop people subjecting their ears and minds to the same abuse I have – I’m hoping my podcast reviews will steer you towards the better end of the spectrum. Obviously most of the podcasts I listen too have a nerdy bent to them so I’m thinking that most people that visit here will also enjoy them.

My inaugural write up is for a reasonably new podcast that one of my mates at work put me onto.  It’s innocuously named The Adventure Zone.  The premise of the show is pretty straight forward – it involves three brothers (Travis, Justin and Griffin McElroy of My Brother My Brother and Me fame) and their father (Clint) playing through a game of old school dungeons and dragons or D&D as it is typically referred to as. To find it just go here:

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