Arcade Coffee Table – Plan and Parts

So if you have read my intro post to building an Arcade Coffee Table you know what I want.  If you haven’t read it yet you can find it here –  To make sure I actually meet some of my goals on this project I’m going to need a cunning plan.

I am breaking the planning stage  two parts: The Geek Stuff (i.e. electronics) and The Table Stuff (i.e. the table legs, top, frame)

The Geek Stuff

Lets start with the Geek Stuff.  So I started off with this simple block diagram to organise my thoughts and put together a list of electronics that I needed.

Block Diagram

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A Table of a Different Kind

When I was a kid one of things I always loved to do was head down to the local fast food joint (back then called the Hungry Spot) and play the old cocktail table arcade machine they had tucked away in the corner. It was an old coffee stained affair and I only remember playing three games on it: Pac man, Ms Pac Man and Galaga.

So when the Raspberry Pi first came out and I was poking around the internet looking at what people were doing with them I was drawn to the projects that involved using them as MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulators.

I started mucking around with various MAME builds however at that stage in their development all the available emulator images were buggy and took a fair amount of tweaking get them going. Once there were up and going in the majority of cases the loaded ROMs (game data files) were unplayable so eventually I just gave up.

That is until recently. I was looking through a magazine and I found this


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