A Compact Tripod with a Grip

Hopefully you’ve been following my current series on iPhotography.  If you haven’t you can find the opening post here:


If you don’t have time to read the rest of my posts – basically I’ve been systematically outlining each bit of my iPhotography kit that I’ve been using to capture some great shots like the one below.


One of the most important bits of gear in a photographers arsenal is his tripod.  This doesn’t change for the iPhone photographer as many of the apps and features we use require a dead steady support.  This is most important when using HDR and slow shutter speed apps such as “Pro HDR X” and “SlowShutter” – for more info on these apps and the other apps I use have a gander at the following post (well……….once I’ve written it :-).)

When paired with a remote trigger a good tripod is worth its weight in gold.  Lucky for us we can save a bit of money in regards to the trigger as the iPhone is sold with one.  Before you start searching for the box your phone came in to look for the trigger you missed – don’t bother – what you are looking for is your headphones.  Yep – thats right you can use your headphones volume buttons to trigger the camera.  I’ve actually cut down a set of old headphones so I can use them solely as a camera trigger.

At the moment my portable tripod of choice for the iPhone is the Joby griptight gorillapod magnetic tripod.  I have put a link to the products Web page below:


I found the cheapest place to grab one of these is from Mwave’s online store for about 29AUD – you can find it here.

I don’t like travelling around with much gear – one of the reasons I’ve taken up iPhotography.  Like I’ve mentioned in my other posts most of the time I see a great photo opportunity – I’m either on my bike, walking the dog or going for an early morning swim or dive.  So when I’m looking for a tripod I want it to be compact, light, quick to use and versatile.

The Joby is all that.  Its small and light to start with but is still quite strong with a good base. The way you can wrap its legs around things (my bike is a favourite of mine) means you can mount your phone at any height to get the perfect shot – as long as you have an stationary object to use.  Some of my favourite shots I have mad with the Joby is when I have mounted it in trees.


The added bonus of this tripod is the magnetic feet.  I have used the magnetic feet to mount it on poles, gutters, under bridges and on signs – it means lots of opportunities for photos with interesting perspectives.

The one thing I don’t like about the Joby tripod is the mechanism it uses to hold the phone in place.  To ensure the Joby is phone agnostic the unit is designed with a simple spring loaded extending arm to hold the phones in place.  This means that when stuffing around with the tripod to get the right angle the phone is prone to falling out.  To fix this I use a simple elastic band to hold the phone is place (see pic below).  I have found that this simple additional has has saved my phone from taking unwanted tumbles off the side of a bridge or onto concrete footpaths.


Besides that one issue I can’t fault the Joby.  It does what it sets out to do and for the price I can’t recommend it enough.  I’m going to be hard pressed to find something batter to replace it with in my kit.

To grab the last post in this series head on over to this link: the-apps-that-e-iphotography


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