A Compact Tripod with a Grip

Hopefully you’ve been following my current series on iPhotography.  If you haven’t you can find the opening post here:


If you don’t have time to read the rest of my posts – basically I’ve been systematically outlining each bit of my iPhotography kit that I’ve been using to capture some great shots like the one below.


One of the most important bits of gear in a photographers arsenal is his tripod.  This doesn’t change for the iPhone photographer as many of the apps and features we use require a dead steady support.  This is most important when using HDR and slow shutter speed apps such as “Pro HDR X” and “SlowShutter” – for more info on these apps and the other apps I use have a gander at the following post (well……….once I’ve written it :-).) Continue reading…


The NOOBless way to Flash a Pi

I thought it was about time that I move away from my product reviews and DIY instructions and continue my series on the Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t played with a Pi before or are a little bit lost reading through this post then I recommend you read my introductory Raspberry Pi post found here:


This instructable is going to focus specifically on how to install a Pi Operating System (OS) from a disk image rather than using a PI installation manager like NOOBs.   If you want to learn more about NOOBs – I recommend you read the instructables found here:



So, why would you want to install an OS this way instead of the simple way? A lot of  niche OS builds available for the PI (such as OpenELEC (media platform) and RetroPie (game emulator platform)) are not available through installation managers like NOOBs. In this case the easiest way to install the OS is to download the disk image and then flash it onto your SD card. I’m going to walk you through the easiest way to do this using both Windows and OSX (Apple)  I’ll going to assume if you are using a Linux distribution you’re already going to knowhow to do this. Continue reading…