Smart Notebooks – Moleskine Versus Whilelines

Paper is back baby! – but with a twist. With the emergence of the computer and most recently the tablet people are moving away from the trusty old notebook in droves. I must admit I am one of these people that just can’t move on.

For us purists it seems that some companies are listening and are trying to combine the best of the Analogue (pencil and paper) and the Digital (documents and text). The two leading products at the moment are the Moleskine Evernote and WhiteLines Link notebooks.


I am interested to see how the rocketbook is going to stack up as well but since it is yet to be released I only have the two above to work with.

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Threadless – For the Artistic Nerd

If you missed my first post – I’m on a mission to review as many online stores as I can in the quest to find the best value geeky tees around. The reviews are based on:

  1. Cost;
  2. Quality; and
  3. Design.

My first post focused on the clever slogans and old-school logos found at  Click the link below if you missed it.

My second review is going to move away from funny prints and old-school logos and instead look at the artistic stylings available at  Read on after the break if I’ve pipped your interest.


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Raspbian – For the Windows User

Okay,  if you now have all the parts ready to get started with your Raspberry Pi the next step is to flash a MicroSD card with a Pi Operating System (OS) and get cracking.  If you’re a bit lost about what I’m talking about or have landed straight on this page then I suggest that you read my introductory article to the Raspberry Pi here:

To make following this guide a bit easier I’m going to break it up into the following steps:

  1. Preparing the MicroSD Card;
  2. Installing the Operating System; and
  3. Basic Raspbian Setup.

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