Adventure Time…….Every Second Friday

It has been my MO for a fair while now to listen to podcasts on the way to, from (and sometimes during – shhh don’t tell the boss) work. I’ve been through a few different podcast series now – some good, some bad and some freaking awful.  To stop people subjecting their ears and minds to the same abuse I have – I’m hoping my podcast reviews will steer you towards the better end of the spectrum. Obviously most of the podcasts I listen too have a nerdy bent to them so I’m thinking that most people that visit here will also enjoy them.

My inaugural write up is for a reasonably new podcast that one of my mates at work put me onto.  It’s innocuously named The Adventure Zone.  The premise of the show is pretty straight forward – it involves three brothers (Travis, Justin and Griffin McElroy of My Brother My Brother and Me fame) and their father (Clint) playing through a game of old school dungeons and dragons or D&D as it is typically referred to as. To find it just go here:

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A Pebble in the Hand



  • Battery Life;
  • Easy Setup and Integration with Phone;
  • Phone App is Simple to Use;
  • Notifications are Easy to Read;
  • Can View Screen in Any Light; and
  • Water-resistant.


  • Charging Cable and Connection; and
  • Looks Hideous.

Usually when I go about acquiring a new gadget I research it extensively. I look at all similar products available and benchmark them based on features, build quality, price and how best they fit my needs. The one time I didn’t do this was when I purchased my first Pebble………and it was one of the best purchases that I have ever made.

Needless to say I am pretty excited about the announcement of the Pebble Time’s release – particularly the Steel version. So in anticipation of the new Pebble’s release I thought I would outline what I like and don’t like about the current Pebble.



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A Table of a Different Kind

When I was a kid one of things I always loved to do was head down to the local fast food joint (back then called the Hungry Spot) and play the old cocktail table arcade machine they had tucked away in the corner. It was an old coffee stained affair and I only remember playing three games on it: Pac man, Ms Pac Man and Galaga.

So when the Raspberry Pi first came out and I was poking around the internet looking at what people were doing with them I was drawn to the projects that involved using them as MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulators.

I started mucking around with various MAME builds however at that stage in their development all the available emulator images were buggy and took a fair amount of tweaking get them going. Once there were up and going in the majority of cases the loaded ROMs (game data files) were unplayable so eventually I just gave up.

That is until recently. I was looking through a magazine and I found this


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What About Me

Welcome! My name is Ray and I am a 33 year old Engineer currently living in Australia.  Typically I wouldn’t brand myself as a Geek (even though my wife would disagrees with this), but lately I have been embracing my inner Geek in my free time pursuits.

In my recent travels around the Internet, investigating whatever my current interest is, I have noticed that there is a lot of good information to be found.  The one problem that I keep on encountering is that the information is usually fragmented or missing critical information.  I understand that most Bloggers or Technical Writers expect their readers to have a fundamental understanding of the concepts or process they are explaining but sometimes I think they are expecting too much from their readers – in most cases this means me!  Usually I end up on a google search merry-go-round because let’s be honest – I need an idiot proof explanation on how to do anything before I get it right!  This has motivated me to start documenting my experiences in my endeavors to discover my inner Geek.

MyGeekInterior is the first Blog that I have created since high school so please be kind as I work myself up to speed with the current Blogging expertise and try to work out how I want this site to run.  I’m not sure how this blog will look in in the future but my initial intention is to provide my opinion and experiences as I purse my current interests and projects which include:

  • Converting a combustion car to electric;
  • Building a cocktail table arcade machine;
  • Raspberry Pi projects;
  • Home tech projects;
  • Buying various tech products;
  • Finding and reviewing software and potentially apps;
  • Buying geek paraphernalia

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